Purpose is the most important thing that a person can discover. It should be pursued at all cost. The problem is most people don’t know why they exist. God created everyone with a purpose in mind. Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead with a purpose in mind. Our community is all about discovering that purpose and doing everything in our power to live in alignment with it.


There is something more important than perfection and that is maturity. Life demands we develop if we are going to truly experience fulfillment. But in order to properly develop, the right environment is required. Growing and maturing in a healthy manner glorifies God. We take great pleasure in watching people develop and become all that God created them to be.


We believe that having an ability without the opportunity to exercise it will eventually lead to frustration. God gives us gifts and talents to distribute in life. We were created to contribute to society and humanity regardless of ethnic or socioeconomic background. We are a part of a worldwide redemption project and we are not succeeding if people are not free to be agents of change. Discovery and development are incomplete without deployment.