The Church

The church is an embassy. An embassy is an area of sovereign territory one country has in another country (host country). It’s the place where a country has its ambassador(s) and where it conducts all manner of diplomatic activity in the host country. God created the earth to be an extension of heaven and Adam (mankind) to steward it. When Adam sinned, man lost control of Earth and relationship with God. Earth essentially was disconnected from Heaven’s influence and support.

Jesus Christ modeled and preached the kingdom of God while physically present on earth. Through his death and resurrection, he paid the price necessary for mankind to be redeemed and restored back to God. He established the foundation of what would be the church through His disciples. These men would carry out the message of God’s Kingdom returning back into the earth.

The price that Jesus paid was for all of humanity so that whosoever would believe in Him by faith may be saved. The church by the leading of God’s Holy Spirit is mandated to continue that message of God’s Kingdom in morals, values, and lifestyle. The kingdom message is that we are no longer slaves to sin but sons of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ. We are now in right position to receive what God promised. The church’s character is to be like yeast. Similar to yeast, the church ought to influence and be an agent of change in any environment.

Our purpose as a church is simple: Preach the Kingdom of God and teach people about Jesus Christ the King.